Loony Quest


Who will succeed old king Fedoor as ruler of the fantastical kingdom of Arkadia?

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The kingdom of Arkadia has long flourished under the rule of old king Fedoor, but as the aged king’s rule comes to a close, he needs a worthy successor. A tournament has been opened to all adventurers to see who can best manage the realm’s dangerous Loonies and lay claim to the throne. The race for the rule of Arkadia is fierce, and the champions will try to trip each other up at every turn. Whoever can best navigate their competition and the realms inhabited by these crazy creatures will win the crown!

In Loony Quest, players try to earn as much experience as they can by completing missions and quests. On their own transparent screen, each player has 30 seconds to draw a path navigating each level’s obstacles and their opponent’s traps. When the time is up, each player’s screen is placed on top of the game board, and the drawings are evaluated to see how close each Champion has gotten to Fedoor’s throne!

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